Case of the Stolen Volleyball Scholarship: Saturday Morning Villains (Because Nerd #34)

This week on Because Nerd, we’re taking a look at the sinister side of Saturday Morning Cartoons, those doers of dastardly deeds, the maniacal meddlers of mayhem, the “The Bad Guys”!! Where did it all go wrong? How did they come to this life?? And when you really think about it, are they actually even bad guys at all??? I mean, when Cobra Commander loses his volleyball scholarship so that COL Hawk can start his pet project of GI Joe, then just what else is Cobra Commander supposed to do other than go start an international terrorist organization?!?! I mean, COME ON!! So, this is your last warning, cause it’s about to get real nerdy in here!!

A Mighty Robot: Voltron (Because Nerd #24)

On this episode of Because Nerd, we’re talking about a mighty robot who is loved by Good and feared by Evil! That’s right! We’re talking about the Legendary Defender, Voltron!!! And we’re asking the question, “Why does Voltron have an Interlock, anyway??” Like seriously, did someone get a DUI while driving Voltron?! But first, we kick things off with a discussion about ofter notable Mechs that hold a sweet spot in hearts. So, Activate Interlocks and connect Dynotherms because it’s time to form Because Nerd!!!

Cursed Swamp Box: Jay Fotos (Because Nerd #14)

Oh boy! This week the Nerds talk with famed comic book artist Jay Fotos (it’s pronounced FODOS!), and he has a list of accomplishments as long as our nerd-sticks. From Spawn and TMNT to GODZILLA and Transformers, he’s done it all. Jay gives us rundown on his new Kickstarter for the graphic novel Rising Rebels, an 80s VHS-horror themed thrill ride about the ghoulishly resurrected Colonel Knox and his hunt for blood! In addition to all that, we learn about how Clint’s distain for Batman once scared Jay when they first met and also question whether or not tortuous fecal matter may be the mystery ingredient in the Kickstarter?? So many question, but we have the answer sheet, right here on Because Nerd!