Fame Adjacent: Eddie McClintock (Because Nerd #26)

Welcome back to Because Nerd! Today we sit down with a special guest, Eddie McClintock, and he tells us all about his youth being a roadie for huge rock bands, how he got his gig as the lead star for Warehouse 13, and some other notable stories he’s experienced along the way! Then, after all that, Eddie joins the Because Nerd crew for a Super Beat Off between Wolverine and Squirrel Girl (and somehow the Devil also ends up getting thrown into the mix), so you definitely do not want to miss this one! Please have your nerd badges out and ready, they will be throughly inspected prior to entry being permitted.

Super Beat Off: JLA v The Seven (Because Nerd #21)

This week on Because Nerd, the Beating Off continues! In one corner, we have the Justice league of America! And in the other corner, we have The Seven! We separate each team’s members into tiers and get to the bottom of just who will be the ultimate Beat Off champions! Is Batman craftier than Black Noir? Who is faster, A Train or The Flash? Who has more serious mommy issues, Superman or Homelander? Take a seat and let the Sea Monarch tell you a tale who will get off and who will go down in this hyper charged episode of Because Nerd!

Super Beat Off: JLA v Boys (Because Nerd #20)

In this 1st episode of a two-parter Because Nerd, things start out with the delirium of pandemic isolation setting in causing the Nerds to fantasize about what if Dog the Bounty Hunter and Steven Seagal teamed up for the ultimate reality TV show! Then, Mike sets the stage for an epic Super Beat Off! This time it’s the Justice League of America vs The Seven from The Boys! Yes, the JLA may have god-like power, but is that enough to deal with the absolute depravity that The Seven are capable of? And also, what exactly does the Sea Monarch have to do with all of this? There is only one way find out, and that is to listen to this action packed episode of Because Nerd!