Do you need assistance?!: Erik Stolhanske (Because Nerd #7)

Welcome to Because Nerd’s 7th episode, and the beginning of our 2nd Season! We are kicking off this new season with an especially nice treat… an interview with the syrup chuggin’, bear-fuckin’ Super Trooper, Rabbit, a.k.a., Erik Stolhanske! We probe deep within him to find out what effect maple syrup had on his bowels, does his Super Trooper fame give him a “get out of jail free” card, how strong is Willie Nelson’s weed, and what are the chances that the world will see Super Troopers 3? We also discuss the crowd-funding victory that Broken Lizard had making Super Troopers 2 and what sort of reception it received in Canada! Then we talk Game of Thrones with Erik, and he gives us his prediction of how it’s all gonna go down! It’s an open bar, dude! You won’t want to miss these shenanigans!!!

The Last Apology (Because Nerd #2)

Welcome to Because Nerd’s second episode! This is by far our funniest episode yet! Today we discuss the origins of Casey Jones in TMNT, why Liam Neeson’s name is so hard to pronounce, what happened to all the energy in Cloverfield Paradox , if anyone will be handing out Z-jobs in Super Troopers 2, and much more. We also ponder what the hell Shockwave was doing with all his alone time on Cybertron. Then, in Shitty X-men, we talk about the later years of Dazzler’s music career, and finally, in Killing Batman, we pit Batman against the most tragic Superhero ever, Shadow Hawk!

WARNING: This episode has been known to induce uncontrollable, hysterical laughter! Listen at your own risk!!!