Go Back to Bed: Tiger King (Because Nerd #13)

This week on Because Nerd we discuss life under quarantine and our ridiculous tendencies to hoard. Logan laments the lack of barber shops, and Clint nearly loses it and almost goes full MacGyver over a lack of toilet paper! Then Clint tells us about his crush on Joe Exotic and about how CoronaVirus is all really just the fault of Carole Baskin! Finally, we discuss what is the best pandemic movie, except that we get cut short and don’t really discuss that, so hold tight!!! This clearly is going to be a high speed episode of Because Nerd!!!

The Good and the Magic: Vampire vs Werewolves & Skeletor (Because Nerd #10)

Because Nerd is back and better than ever! This week we start things off with our newest nerd, Brad, telling us about how Rambo, Last Blood has taken things to the next level! Then we ask the age old question, if Mike Tyson was going to beat you senseless, would you really care if he did it while wearing pink boxing gloves? After that, nerd-Mike reads to us from his journal about finally finishing watching Stranger Things 3. We then all have a good old Master Debate to decide, if you had to be bitten and turned into either a vampire or werewolf, which one would you rather it be? And finally Clint takes us all on a tour through a day in the life of one of the 80’s most badass baddies, Skeletor! Put your pants on and then take them back off! Cause it’s time for Because Nerd!